We provide a solution for continuous improvement of Employee Experience in the Office

ROL Intelligent Office

The traditional office doesn’t exist anymore. Cloud services and Wi-Fi networks have made work independent of place and time. People work temporarily at their own offices, from home, in video conferences, on business trips or at subsidiaries’ offices. The activity-based office is the new way of working. That’s why we created ROL Intelligent Office - to create a better, more effective and healthier workplace.

ROL Office Navigator

  • Optimize your office and your workspace.
  • Simplifies your daily work with increased productivity and less time wasting.
  • Find and book resources such as a workspace/desk, meeting rooms, parking lots etc.
  • Find your colleagues.
  • Realtime overview and status the office, visible view of free and available resources.
  • Easy access to all your resources. Access from any client, Smart phone, computer, tablet etc.
  • No IT integration needed. Cloud based, up and running in minutes.
  • Identify and understand.
  • Get insights, plan for future needs.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Add ROL Intelligent Office devices for real utilization knowledge.
  • Makes every desk your desk with personalized settings.
  • Take charge of your sit and stand ratio for a healthier workday.
  • Get reminded when to change position.
  • Your bridge between your desk and your computer.
  • Meeting room booking integrated with Exchange
  • Book from ROL Office Navigator or Outlook.
  • Everything is synchronized.