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We are a diverse collection of thinkers and doers located across the globe. Being curious by nature allows us to stay one step ahead of our industries and directly benefit our clients.
We are committed to building meaningful partnerships and realising our partners goals, harbouring collaborations and talking to people is something we truly value. Without it, nothing of greatness would ever get done. We are all in this together.

ROL Ergo | US

Kim Rademaker

Customer Service Specialist / Key Account Assistant

+1 (888) 322-0699 Ext. 163


ROL Ergo | US

Evan Zambetis

Key Account Manager

+1 (888) 322-0699 Ext. 180


ROL Ergo | US

Kelli Kronemeyer

Customer Service / Key Account Assistant

+1 (888) 322-0699 Ext. 179


ROL Ergo | Sweden - HQ

Päivi Jussinpekka

Team Leader Customer Support

+46 70 82 60 054


ROL Ergo | Sweden - HQ

Taiba Avdic

Customer Support

+46 73 66 38 859


ROL Ergo | Sweden - HQ

Helen Andersson

Customer Support

+46 73 66 38 958


ROL Ergo | Sweden - HQ

Dennis Persson

Customer Support

+46 73 66 38 973


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Head Office

Flygplatsvägen 1
SE-555 93 Jönköping

ROL Legal Entity: ROL Aktiebolag
Registered company No: SE-556205-309901

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