RIO - ROL Intelligent Office

Make Work-Life Better

With a focus on software, our RIO platform contributes to a more connected workplace through real-time information, automation and visualization. Co-ordinate studies to gain valuable data-driven insights of occupancy and utilization with optional hardware.

RIO is a simple to use, low-cost platform that easily scales with your organisation.

Personal Ergonomics

Creating a personal profile allows you to easily move between any desk. Simply by standing at timed intervals we are able to increase our sense of energy and drive, resulting in improved productivity.

With our Desk Connect you can make every desk your own. Desk Connect is a plug-and-play hardware that enables our RIO platform to add further functionality.

Get Connected

Encouraging collaboration in the workplace leads to better outcomes and ultimately a healthier, productive & connected work culture. RIO enables you to find colleagues & work together in more effective ways.

Healthier Workplace

RIO supports a healthier workplace. Employees can set targets and receive notifications of progress towards their personal goals. Ensure your work day always involves a healthy balance between sitting and standing while carrying out your daily tasks.

Varying your sit and stand positions has proven to improve blood circulation and creates lower levels of stress and anxiety.