Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer

Matthew is focused on the well-being of all employees and meeting business objectives.

As CEO, Matthew is responsible for ensuring the company's best interests.

RIO Companion assists Matthew with

  • Creating a safe workplace environment
  • Managing a distributed work force
  • Meet the business objectives


Customer Support


Customer Support

Providing a great customer service experience is no easy task! Lisa is a great listener; her ability to empathize with our customers makes her an essential part of the team.

Lisa is a great listener; her ability to empathize with our customers makes her an essential part of our team.

RIO Companion assists Lisa with

  • Working from home
  • Feeling part of the team
  • A healthy work-life balance


Workplace Experience Manager


Workplace Experience Manager

Hanna is part of a growing trend, employed to build & develop a strong, vibrant workplace culture.

Hanna understands that creating positive experiences helps employees to feel more connected.

RIO Companion assists Hanna with

  • Creating a better workplace experience
  • Enabling people to feel connected wherever they are
  • Promoting company culture


Facilities Manager


Facilities Manager

The role of Facilities Manager has evolved greatly in the last decade.

Mark understands that providing the right tools, technologies, & workspaces, positively impacts employee work-lives.

RIO Companion assists Mark with

  • Increasing workplace efficiency
  • Valuable data insights
  • Managing facility resources

Make Work-Life Better

With a focus on software, our platform contributes to a more connected workplace through real-time information, automation and visualization. Co-ordinate studies to gain valuable data-driven insights of occupancy and utilization with optional hardware.

RIO Companion is a simple to use, low-cost platform that easily scales with your organisation.

RIO Companion in the office

RIO Companion Features

  • COVID-19 Solutions

    Prioritize the care & wellbeing of employees with RIO Companion. Take a look at these solutions that help employees get safely back to the office.

  • Personal Ergonomics

    Creating a personal profile allows you to easily move between any desk. Simply by standing at timed intervals we are able to increase our sense of energy and drive, resulting in improved productivity.

  • Get Connected

    Encouraging collaboration in the workplace leads to better outcomes and ultimately a healthier, productive & connected work culture. RIO Companion enables you to find colleagues & work together in more effective ways.

  • Healthier Workplace

    RIO Companion supports a healthier workplace. Employees can set targets and receive notifications of progress towards their personal goals.

  • Better Decision-Making

    Real-time data & reports are the foundation of better decision-making, reducing costs, improving work-flows & increases the efficient use of resources.

  • Seamless Integration

    RIO Companion integrates with your existing platforms like Microsoft Exchange & Office 365, complementing your existing workflows.

Why choose RIO Companion

  • Simple to use

    Our team of experts are on hand & focused, ready to understand your requirements needed get your organization(s) connected.

  • Low-Cost Platform

    Start with our software – No hidden fees or the need for expensive hardware installations.

  • Scales Easily

    Syncing additional assets or team members is easy. Expanding & integrating optional hardware is seamless.

  • Return On Investment

    Optimizing your space utilization with Companion can save your company significant costs and contributes to improving productivity.

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