Humans are creatures of habit. We all know physical activity boosts well-being and productivity. Yet most of us keep sitting until necks and backs ache, even if we do have a height-adjustable desk. So how do we trigger a change in behavior and make the good habits stick? The answer is an app that encourages us to stand every so often. See here how it can help you and your team to thrive!

Wellness is an ‘intelligent desk’ app working in combination with height-adjustable tables to remind us to vary work posture according to individually set goals. Like a personal trainer hidden in the pocket, it:

  • Guides us to setting and achieving personal goals
  • Prompts us to sit and stand at chosen intervals
  • Contributes to health and well-being by reducing injuries related to sedentary work.

Make every desk your desk
Wellness automatically transfers individual settings to any compatible table.
Thus every desk will feel like home, no matter where in the office it is.


  • Automate. When app prompts you to vary work posture, adjust table height with one click (according to memory setting).
  • Track calorie burn. Now you can see for yourself that standing up to work burns three times as many calories as sitting.
  • Kickstart. If you’re looking to kickstart your usage of Wellness, download your 10-step walkthrough by clicking HERE


Wellness (Windows) Wellness (Mac OSX) USER GUIDE (YOUTUBE) USER GUIDE (PDF)