ROL Ergo

Partnering with you to create the best desk solutions

With a customer base comprising the world’s leading office furniture suppliers, we have a proven track record delivering custom-made, electric, sit-stand table stands. Our control system and design capabilities, as well as ownership of the whole production and distribution chain, allow for unrivalled quality and cost effectiveness. We work with our clients to create ergonomically optimized office furniture, resulting in sustainable work environments that enable increased productivity and wellbeing.

Supporting a better work-life

ROL ERGO is a business area within ROL and part of a diverse collection of thinkers and doers from across the globe. We focus on creating circular, sustainable economies in partnership with clients who share our passion for a better work-life. We have the experience and expertise, when it comes to engineering, ergonomic, health conscious solutions that support and improve engagement with inspiring environments where we work.

We are not a supplier – We are the supplier

Our customers are the leading office furniture suppliers on the market – and that Is no coincidence. ROL Ergo is the world’s top supplier of custom-made electric sit-stand table stands.

We develop our own control systems and furniture design, which means that we own the whole chain, allowing us to offer superior quality and cost effectiveness. Our complete commitment is unique in our industry.

Incorporating RIO functionality

RIO (ROL Intelligent Office), another business area within ROL, can add further functionality to solutions we provide through the use of the RIO Wellness App. Wellness, together with your height-adjustable table, helps improve health by sending polite reminders to switch positions. Wellness, automatically varies the sit and stand positions. Reminders also help achieve personal goals and also track calorie burn.

In your personal settings you can create lower and upper desk limits, set goals for time spent sitting and standing and the frequency of position changes. Wellness is easy to use straight from your desktop.