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Motivating, Collaborating & Connecting People

Studies has shown that encouraging collaboration within the workplace leads to better outcomes and ultimately a more healthier productive workplace culture. ROL Intelligent Office helps build on this, supporting positive experiences by providing digital tools that integrate seamlessly, driving employee engagement and simplifying daily work related tasks.

ROL Intelligent Office enables employees to search, connect, book and manage resources and promotes working together in more effective and efficient ways, in 3D. The capability to sync to additional hardware opens up other possibilities for a more in-depth understanding of resources and asset management, bringing forward powerful data-driven decision making and optimized utilization.


Create A Difference

The modern workplace is agile and flexible, it’s driven by technology and connectivity – promoting new innovative ways of working and processes are essential for any business. ROL Intelligent Office seamlessly integrates smart software and hardware – a platform that connects your workplace, maximizes efficiency, assists wellbeing and delivers quantitative data.

Seamless Integration

Get the digital tools that you and your team need to collaborate effectively. Seamlessly integrate ROL Intelligent Office with your existing business platforms and applications like Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Syncing additional assets or team members is seamless thanks to our platform architecture. ROL Intelligent Office also offers smart hardware integration for solutions that allow for even greater capabilities and value.

Real-Time Management

Get up-to-date information in real-time, any time. Use ROL Intelligent Office to organize your day from the comfort of your own home or while on the move. Connect to colleagues and team members, search, view and book available resources – manages meetings, spaces, desks, phone booths, parking, and lockers. Less time wasted and fewer frustrations equals a happier workplace.

Visual Overview

Visually navigate, quickly and easily across all of your workplace environments. Gain an overview of your global organisation, departments, buildings, floors, car parks, offices and facilities all through one simple dropdown menu.

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