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Bringing Technology, Your Workplace & People Together.

The role of Facilities Manager has evolved greatly over the last decade. The spaces we occupy shape and define our behaviour. So for an efficient and effective modern day workforce it is important to consider the environment(s) they work in. Unfortunately, there is no one solution to providing an exceptional workplace environment, rather it is a combination of physical and mental triggers that all work together, adding to an overall perceived work-life experience.

Paying attention to relevant spacial management and furniture design that, for example, encourage the cultivation and sharing of ideas. Employing great leadership or investing in technologies to harness the best of people and their environment is essential. There are a great many contributing factors that go into an exceptional work-place experience.

Thankfully, they don’t all have to involve huge financial outlay, if your budget does not allow for it. Investing in a tool like ROL Intelligent Office is a valuable asset for any company looking to fully understand how their workspaces are really utilized. Leverage, in any business, is always key to staying one step ahead of the competition.


Create A Difference

ROL Intelligent Office brings smart digital technologies and smart people together. It allows for data-led decision making and facilitates forecasting, giving you the tools to make design led considerations specific to your organization. Optimize your work-flows and set a pathway for a great work-life balance with ROL Intelligent Office.

Cultivate A Collaborative Workplace

ROL Intelligent Office is a digital tool that supports the mobility and freedom of the workforce. Design your workspaces to empower employees to not just work but thrive, together!

Better Decision-Making

ROL Intelligent Office provides Facility Managers a way to navigate the complexity of todays workplace environments. Real-time data and reports are the foundation of better decision-making, reducing costs, improving work-flows and increases the efficient use of resources.

Transform and optimize your workplace utilization rates using ROL Intelligent Office objective information and benchmarking tools.

Sensor Driven Architecture

ROL Intelligent Office uses anonymous easy-to-install sensors that create data-driven information regarding current utilization and work flows. Monitor actual usage! Understand peak utilization times and when additional resources may be needed.

Facility management improvements result in measurable benefits to economic, social, and environmental bottom lines. Use ROL Intelligent Office as your planned, risk-averse method of maintenance.

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