Wellness Solution

Humans are creatures of habit. We all know physical activity boosts well-being and productivity. Yet most of us keep sitting until necks and backs ache, even if we do have a height-adjustable desk.

Wellness is an app working in combination with height-adjustable tables to remind us to vary work posture according to individually set goals. Like a personal trainer hidden in the pocket, it:

  • Guides us to setting and achieving personal goals
  • Coach yourself to sit and stand with intervals
  • Contributes to health and well-being by reducing injuries related to sedentary work.

Install and use the application

  1. Download the application for your operating system
  2. When application have started, enter “GUEST MODE”
  3. Start your new active and ergonomic work life

Download application & user-guide

Choose and download the application that applies with your operating system and also read the User Guide.

Wellness (Windows) Wellness (Mac OSX) USER GUIDE (PDF)