Personal Goals & Personal Wellness Equals Customer Satisfaction.

It’s well documented, with countless studies supporting the findings, that sitting for a long periods of time, on a daily basis can have negative impacts on our health; fatigue, back pain, diabetes and heart disease, just to name but a few. As a result, many companies began to invest in electronic sit/stand desks such as this COLAB-2 desk from ROL ERGO; supporting their employees with more healthy ergonomic solutions.

Of course, it goes without saying that the modern workplace must provide a healthy and safe environment but businesses are also increasingly aware of the demands that prospective employees now place upon an employer. Workspaces that bring forward well-defined areas, that stimulate creativity or productivity, that brings focus coupled with great leadership all helps shape an experience that people want to be apart of. Gaining the understanding of a Workplace Experience Manager – a role that is set to increase over the next coming years – has become a top priority for many growing businesses looking to attract and retain talent. They serve an important role in cultivating positive experiences that drive employee engagement and ultimately customer service and revenue alike.


Create A Difference

Understanding the importance of how a tool like ROL Intelligent Office impacts the workplace goes hand in hand with understanding the current trends of the modern workplace. ROL Intelligent Office helps address some of these issues by actively encouraging positive behavioral changes, resulting in long term physiological and phycological benefits. As part of a well designed workplace, ROL Intelligent Office works with you to boost productivity and aid a better employee experience. ROL Intelligent Office quietly assists your wellbeing and delivers measurable results, simply & effectively.

Healthy Balance

ROL Intelligent Office supports a healthier workplace. Employees can set targets and receive notifications of progress towards their personal goals. Ensure your work day always involves a healthy balance between sitting and standing while carrying out your daily tasks.

Varying your sit and stand positions has proven to improve blood circulation and creates lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Personal Ergonomics

Creating a personal profile allows you to easily move between any desk.

Simply by standing at timed intervals we are able to increase our sense of energy and drive, resulting in improved productivity.

ROL Desk Connect™

Helps make every desk your own. ROL Desk Connect™ is a plug-and-play hardware that enables our platform to add further functionality.

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