What challenges do you face when
preparing a workplace strategy?

Choose where and how to work and book
any resource through an interactive floorplan

  • Plan.

    Mark has a project due on Friday, with a new colleague named Jane. They have worked together before but only virtually. He is going into the office twice next week, once to focus and another on a day that is convenient for Jane.

  • Arrive.

    Lisa is a new hire who works remote. She’s only been in the office once before and she’s never met John in-person. They’re planning to meet in the office.

  • Work.

    Encouraging collaboration in the workplace leads to better outcomes and ultimately a healthier, productive & connected work culture. ROL Intelligent Office enables you to find colleagues & work together in more effective ways.

  • Experience.

    ROL Intelligent Office supports a healthier workplace. Employees can set targets and receive notifications of progress towards their personal goals.

  • Optimize.

    ROL Intelligent Office integrates with your existing platforms like Microsoft Exchange & Office 365, complementing your existing workflows.

  • Contact us

    Contact us for more information about ROL Intelligent Office and book a LIVE demo.

ROL i/O Solutions - One single platform to manage the entire workplace environment

  • Desks and workstations

    Empowering employees to choose where and how to work by giving them the autonomy to book their ideal desk through an intuitive interface and interactive floorplan.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Streamline your teams’ collaboration experience by making it easy to find and book rooms that have the tools needed to support effective group work.

  • Lockers and Storage

    Simplify the workplace experience for employees and guests by letting them know exactly where and how to store their belongings for the day.

  • Locating and Wayfindning

    Enable your employees, clients and guests to be more intentional with their time in the office by making it easier to find the things they need to be more productive.

  • Gain Insights

    Clients use ROL i/O to make data-supported workplace decisions based on booking trends.

  • LIVE demo?

    ROL i/O is an interactive, all-in-one workplace experience platform that connects people with work points, resources and each other and allows organizations to make data-supported workplace decisions.

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