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We have your back

Managing a project is exactly what ROL Fredbergs does for you. We relieve you from the daily worries, for instance: Will the quality be as expected? Will the budget be exceeded? Will the project be completed within time? Project management contains five easy questions: “where, when, why, who and what”. By focusing on those items, we will be able to manage everything in a suitable way. So, let us focus on delivering your goals. ROL Fredbergs has a European team of
in-house project leaders with vast experience in coordinating design, architecture, production, sourcing, warehousing, logistics and the coordination of installation teams with a mix of professions.

Our Commitment to your Vision

Construction project management is a process that begins with your vision. We lead projects and processes at all stages, define the target image and create the basis for long-term solutions. Together we build a project organization consisting of strategic partners, construction and construction specialists, interior design manufacturers and architects. Through continuous monitoring, we ensure that your project is implemented in the best possible way, and we are with you all the way.

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Integrated Support

Tailored support/service Management throughout the Nordic, Italy, Benelux and UK region when you are up and running. At the core of ROL Fredbergs operations is a complex integrated delivery service where we are responsible for all aspects and take a holistic approach to the entire entity of hospitality or retail, or public environments as cinemas. No other company in the Nordic region has so many Integrated support assignments for customers with complex needs.

Full Access

Our support system will ensure you to get the assistance you need. You will get access to the system, which provides you with useful statistics and data to help you make your business more efficient. You will have total cost control and can follow up through reports connected to an SLA (Service Level Agreement).

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Sustainability – Our Responsibility

“Sustainability is a part of ROL as an organization and our ambition is that we shall think from a sustainability perspective in everything we do.” We are a global business with production on three continents and almost 800 employees in several countries. In addition to our own production facilities, we have suppliers who provide us with raw materials and components for our products. With our global presence, it comes great responsibility for ensuring that our employees have a good working environment, as well as the environmental impact of our production facilities. Since we can affect the situation of our suppliers, we also have responsibility for the impact on human and the environment.

Code of Conduct

The challenges in the supplier perspective include ensuring that our suppliers comply with the requirements we have set in our Code of Conduct. In our own production facilities, the challenges are, among other things, to meet the different cultures that characterize our facilities in three different continents, as well as replace the use of fossil-based energy. We also have a network of production partners that handle all types of material and can scale down if smaller series if needed. Here we ensure low cost, high quality, but above all that they comply with our requirements for the environment, employees where our “Code of Conduct” is followed in detail.

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Operational Specialists

“Keep track of the complicated”. Together we are many who know a lot. With specialists in both construction, installation and operation when everyday work begins in the hospitality or shop, we find the best solutions for your project. With knowledge and expertise, we ensure that you always receive full service regardless of project size. At ROL Fredbergs we are experts in coordinating installation teams with different professions such as electricity, air conditioning, flooring, audio, plastering, painting, glazing, tiling, fire services, certification, furniture & appliances, upholstery, refrigeration, alarm system and more.

Agile Management

We are agile in our way of working within installation projects. In many cases we produce furnishings but in many cases, the customer has procured this. Our unique expertise is collaboration, where the customer decides which partners will work in the project and what they will deliver. Regardless of the arrangement, ROL Fredbergs makes sure to deliver the project in the right time and quality.

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Empowering Brands

Good interior design should reflect your brand. Together with our in-house architects and some of the leading architects on the market, ROL Fredbergs helps our clients develop groundbreaking interior design concepts. When it comes to branding, establishment, sales and operational work, ROL Fredbergs work together with our clients to develop concepts that give brands clear character. By putting users and the customer experience at the heart of each project, we ensure the right design properties are included and help our clients achieve a sustainable, functional end-result with a clear added-value.

Experience More

ROL Fredbergs designs smart concept solutions for retail brands, hospitality and more. ROL Fredbergs creates environments that aim at increasing sales and getting end-users to feel welcome. When working with us, our clients get access to our designers, who can quickly come up with ideas and suggestive designs. At ROL Fredbergs, our unique advantage is that we can design directly in a meeting and create something from pen and paper, which today is a unique designer undertaking.


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Translating Design into Experiences

Just like design, our clients quickly need to develop prototypes in order to tangibly experience the interior. This is a strength at ROL Fredbergs and we quickly create prototypes in various materials utilizing our skilled experts. Then the engineers at ROL Fredbergs translate this into custom design drawings adapted for our own production or sourcing partners.

A Unified Approach to Design

ROL Fredbergs dedicated staff, with deep knowledge about materials and factory technology, will manage the concept design process and develop prototypes for our clients. At ROL Fredbergs we consider it a strength to own and control the entire production process. We use several different tools adopted to fit our client needs, but always visualize the prototypes in 3D for an optimal client experience.


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The world of retail and hospitality today is in the throes of profound change. Points of sale are no longer just points of sale. Visitors are not just buyers or consumers of a good meal. To hold on to clients in this highly competitive environment, brands must stand out, grow and sometimes even reinvent themselves. Let us introduce the ROL Information System.

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Giving You Peace-of-mind

As part of ROL Fredbergs turnkey offering, we provide architectural design either in-house or with our trusted partners. As a customer, you can always feel safe knowing that ROL Fredbergs handles the entire delivery and manages all the operational tasks included in a given project, from start to finish. ROL Fredbergs is proud of its longstanding history and we have vast experience working within the retail and hospitality sector.

Designing with you & for you

Our in-house professionals and partners are able to plan and implement the entire concept but before we start designing or redesigning any project, we work diligently with you to align all the details. This creates a better understanding of all project requirements, your needs and the perceptions about how the final delivery will look.

When designing for retail and hospitality we put emphasis on suggesting and implementing unique approaches at each step of the preliminary architecture. We share with you samples of drawings, plan new designs and utilise our proficiency in interior design to come up with relevant design concepts. In all our projects, we have a high standard and work carefully to include you in all aspects of the delivery and always involve our clients before finalizing or implementing a design.

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Global Contacts

ROL Fredbergs designs the products and chooses the place of production and assembly to have effective and efficient storage and transportation for each individual project. We have made global contracts with forwarders for our continental transport between Asia, Europe, and America. Logistics is the secret to the success of our project. To ensure rapid implementation, we have made logistics a top priority. With Logistics Center in Europe, not only will our deliveries arrive on time, it will also be cost-effective for you. All furnishings are stored, assembled and packaged in with us, and then delivered for construction and installation without wasting time.

Strategic Logistics

Thanks to our strategic logistics centres, both logistics, assembly and your building project are always ready in time. ROL Fredbergs are certified according to the standards ISO 9001 and 14001, which ensures that we have a structure and processes to handle major roll-out projects and the complex handling of project logistics.