Empowering teams, transforming work

At ROL Workplace, we strive to empower teams and transform work through innovative solutions and collaborative environments.

Designed in Sweden

We take pride in our Swedish heritage and the strides we've taken to expand our products & brands on a global scale.

Sustainability & Circularity

Sustainability is in our DNA and circularity ensures that we create a more sustainable business and a better shared future. We have a duty to make a difference for our workplaces, our partners and most importantly our planet.

Supply chain

One of our principle founding strategies was to own the supply chain, enabling us to fulfill market demands independently and without dependence on external factors.


In a constant strive to provide a customer service that exceeds expectations, we ensure that we are receptive to the feedback from our customers and that our teams go above and beyond in your journey with us.

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Sustainability of ROL Workplace

Sustainability is not a sales advantage for us, it is a deep-rooted factor that is embedded in everything we do.


Empowering solutions for living, working, shopping, and socializing.


Utilize our expertise and knowledge to enhance the daily lives of people.

Long lasting products with low impact on the planet


Reduced CO2e since 2021 (Scope 1&2)


Reduced waste since 2021

ISO Certifications

We are proud to be ISO 27 001, 14 001 and 9 001 certified, and we’ll continue to push our standards

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