Our daily mission at ROL is to apply our heritage, experience and competence to solve challenges in design, value engineering, materials and technology, and deliver solutions aligned with our purpose and vision.

ROL continuously invests in developing our competence, expanding our teams and capabilities to better serve our clients as their needs evolve.


Industry 4.0 award-winning manufacturing combining automated processes with a highly-skilled workforce. This is supported by an extensive supply chain network with representatives in Asia, EU and US. Comprehensive planning and integrated quality processes deliver the right products to our clients on time.

Our main facilities are based in the European Union, with additional manufacturing in the US and China.

Our partners include ABB, Salvagnini, BLM and Wagner.

Project Management

International team of seasoned project managers for construction, installation and service management.

ROL Retail Concepts has at European team of in-house project leaders with vast experience in coordinating design, architecture, production, sourcing, warehousing, logistics and the coordination of installation teams with a mix of professions.

Together we build a project organization consisting of strategic partners, construction and construction specialists, interior designers, manufacturers and architects.

Product Development

Our Innovation Team now has 63 members working with design, materials, mechanics, engineering, electronics, software, and manufacturing technology.

Working with SAFe Agile principles in a project-driven environment, ROL develops and delivers robust solutions with high quality and a fast time-to-market.

These solutions lean on our in-house experience and external partner network.

Use of new materials and sustainable engineering is a key element in many new projects. ROL also provides global testing and certification management services.

Value Engineering

Many of our clients approached ROL with a simple question – they had a need to improve existing products. Could we help them define the objectives, evaluate the options, create a clear project scope, and deliver the solution ?

Value engineering is about being creative within tight guidelines. Experience is the key to reaching the goal on time and with the best outcome.

The Innovation Team at ROL understands these principles and applies them on behalf of our clients with proven results.

Digital Platforms

The platform is supported by a team of in-house developers and user experience experts to develop interfaces for cloud-based solutions.

The main application of this technology is our ROL Intelligent Office solution which supports hybrid working models and is available in Europe and the US.

Further applications have been trialed in stores and restaurants, which will be an emerging area for ROL in the next two years.

IoT Solutions

Our vision to create inspiring, integrated and sustainable solutions has led us towards connected secure environments.

Working with partners and in-house development, ROL offers signals, sensors, locks and gateways, as well as integration to third party systems – all with the purpose of creating new possibilities.

These IoT solutions also generate data that provides insights for our clients to make more informed decisions as they adapt their spaces to trends and new practices.

Data Management

ROL manages and visualizes data, enabling deeper insights and improved decision-making.

Data is managed within ISO 27001 secured warehousing and visualized through Microsoft Power BI solutions. Our team ensures compliance with our clients’ in-house IT standards and service providers.

Managing sensitive corporate data is essential to our ability to offer integrated solutions securely and cost-effectively.


Our approach to sustainability begins with our core competence and our vision. Leveraging our experience with materials and manufacturing, working closely with partners in the supply chain, then adding in engineering, data and analytics, ROL is well-positioned to enable our clients to think about sustainable solutions in a different way.

In practical terms, this has already led to a number of projects with stores, offices and products.

The next step, towards a circular economy, brings in new dependencies. This is the next frontier for ROL and we have a strong focus on delivering new possibilities for our clients.