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Retail Construction Project Management

Retail construction project management can be challenging and complex, requiring an experienced steady hand to keep projects on track. Effective retail construction must have a defined time frame and a detailed, results-oriented plan, for successful project completion. The client's goals must be clearly defined during program planning process by the project manager.

Factors that go into effective retail construction project management

• Cost management

• Time management

• Scope management

• Risk management

• Communication management

• Quality management

Cost management

One important objective of a construction project manager is to keep track of project budgets and continually monitor them to avoid going over budget.

The project manager should identify & mitigate cost escalations during project execution to ensure the project is delivered within the budget.

Time management

Another objective is to make sure the project is completed on schedule through effective time management and execution. Project managers set milestones and prepare charts to track task time.

The manager must take charge of scheduling activities, timeline tracking, and resource assignment to ensure that critical are delivered on time.

Scope management

The third objective of construction project manager is to keep the project in scope by monitoring, identifying, and making the relevant adjustments for anything that can impact the project´s scope.

Projects scope identifies the features and functionalities that must be included and defines the boundaries of the project. Without a clear scope, projects may easily go off track.

Risk management

The fourth objective of construction manager is to analyse and reduce potential risks.

Project risk management is the process of recognizing potential problems that could cause issues on your project, analysing how likely they are to occur, and then taking action to prevent the risks.

Communications management

Good communications throughout ensures effective internal and external communications from project planning through project closeout; from arranging meetings and ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the project´s progress. Project managers play a key role in ensuring sub-contractors understand their responsibilities and timelines.​

Quality management

Managing quality is one of the fundamental objectives of a construction project manager which can be achieved by maintaining the balance of key objectives.