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ROL Launches ROL Workplace Clarifying its industry identity and positioning

ROL, a leader in ergonomic office furnishings and retail concepts, is announcing a strategic shift. To solidify its industry identity and market position, ROL is consolidating its global office furnishing operations under the new name, ROL Workplace. This change will officially take effect on May 14, 2024.

ROL Workplace offers a wide range of height-adjustable products that are designed to be customized, with built-in connectivity to meet the needs of users. “With ROL Workplace we are clarifying our position as a leading manufacturer of ergonomic solutions, focusing on both the European and U.S. markets, across the Office, Home, and Public sectors, says Henrik Hammarnäs, Head of ROL Workplace." A direct ownership of the supply chain enables flexibility while upholding high standards of quality and sustainability. "At ROL Workplace we are committed to reliable partnerships with our customers, offering high-quality, affordable, innovative, and sustainable solutions that promote health and productivity, Henrik ends”.

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For more information, contact:
Henrik Hammarnäs. Head of ROL Workplace
+46 73 663 88 58

ROL was founded in Sweden 1985 and is an entrepreneur-driven and global market leader in ergonomically optimized office furniture and retail solutions, defined in two business areas. Our expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, and technology ensures purpose-aligned superior quality solutions, where we live, work, shop, and socialize. With a turnover surpassing SEK2.1 Billion and a diverse team of 830 professionals worldwide, we're making difference in our industries.