Home-office desk and stool set-up : blending into the smaller home

The challenge for many, especially younger generation employees and those who live in cities, remains the availability of space that can be dedicated to a home working environment.

ROL has therefore developed furniture suitable for smaller spaces. These products are offered by our partners through e-commerce channels and many are delivered direct to employees at home.

Focus on hybrid working and challenges from home

Post-pandemic norms are beginning to take shape, and the flexibility to work from anywhere is characteristic of many preferred changes across most countries. While employees are enjoying this flexibility, balancing their environmental needs at home with co-habited living space has often proved to be a major challenge. Furthermore, studies including reports commissioned by ROL, have shown that companies are struggling to find solutions.

With our partners in the US, Germany, UK and the Nordics, ROL offers furniture and connectivity that improves the well-being of employees while balancing their needs for dedicated or flexible space at home

Smart furniture for secure documents and devices in the home

Our focus on product development and innovation leads to collaboration tailored to market needs. The connected home environment has evolved over recent years but remains in it’s formative years. ROL offers a range of connected furniture solutions, including cloud services and data management to provide helpful functionality at home and elsewhere.

Homework ergonomics means well-being for all the family

Ergonomics are most often associated with adult wellness, but children also benefit from better posture and adjustments. In collaboration with some of our partners,

ROL has tailored some furniture to address these needs. One such application is for siblings of different ages and heights that need to share a workspace for school work. Allocating each a dedicated period and providing adjustability to the workspace enhances their experience and improves concentration.

Adjustability can be integrated into other furniture, such as kitchen work-surfaces, breakfast-bars and workshops