Store solutions

This is in our DNA. ROL has participated in the various stages of concept-to-realization of tens of thousands of stores over nearly forty years.

We continue to work with pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and more. Our the effectiveness of our approach, experience and turnkey solutions has forged multi-decade relationships with iconic Nordic and global brands.

Dual sourcing – European manufacture, supply chain security.

Design and
Value Engineering

Modular engineering to create innovative and flexible store fixtures.

New concepts are a significant investment for our clients – they often take 1 to 2 years before they reach a “ready-to-launch” state. Naturally, clients want to engage partners in this process, to gain knowledge and inputs that will improve the concept and really create an inspiring, sustainable solution. Some clients are looking at the integration of new technology as well, adding another dimension and layer of complexity.

Working with design and engineering to create the most value for a client’s concept is a long tradition at ROL. We can bring a broad base of experience to the concept development project team, working confidentially and in the background to support ideation and prototyping, as well as offering insights into rollout processes and maintenance.


ROL is offering a range of solutions to clients looking to advance their sustainable business practices. These can be applied to offices, stores, restaurants and public spaces.

Our project management team has the experience to collaborate on the design of the solution with our clients and execute the program, including reports, analysis and proposals for next steps.

The actionable results have resulted in further discussions about materials, design and function.