Café, Restaurants
& Public Spaces

Offices, stores, restaurants, cinemas, pharmacies, gas stations – ROL has worked with these environments since the early 1990s.

Our teams have extensive experience in Nordic, DACH, Benelux, Italy, Baltic and UK markets, as well as services through partners in the Middle East.

Our concept development and design teams work closely with engineers and our supply chain specialists to create cost-effective solutions.

ROL also provides sustainability services to help organizations meet target ESG objectives.

Office Collaboration Zones

The hybrid working model has changed office behavior in many ways. Those who tend to work from home will see the office as a collaboration space, to mingle and absorb energy and ideas.

Office layouts need to adapt to this need, but these areas are popular and need careful curation and utilization should be planned, in order to achieve the desired experience.

Large space solutions

ROL works with experienced partners to address all elements of large-scale turnkey projects.

In high footfall areas, there are many additional considerations – clear guidance and information, emergency procedures, lighting and noise control.

ROL delivers these projects on behalf of major brands in the Nordics.



Project Management

ROL manages around 200 installation projects per year – covering a range of environments and spaces.

Our project teams manage all aspects of the process, from planning and third party coordination through to sign-off and certifications.

ROL has a European team of in-house project leaders with vast experience in coordinating design, architecture, production, sourcing, warehousing, logistics and the project management of installation teams with a mix of professions.