Our purpose is to enable future environments with greater circular economy and more sustainable use of resources.
Our vision is to enable inspiring, integrated and sustainable solutions where we live, work, shop and socialize.

As a global manufacturing and services company, ROL understands that a mix of contemporary and future thinking is required to create a progressive strategy for sustainability and corporate responsibility. The Board and the management team believe that a progressive strategy should contribute to the UN goals for sustainable development, ensure that ROL conducts its activities in a responsible manner and create efficiency that generates value together with positive social and environmental effects.

In 2020, a developed sustainability strategy was approved. An updated materiality
analysis was completed and provided a baseline for strengthening, developing or
maintaining a wide range of operations and processes. The main goals of our new
sustainability strategy are to focus resources on the most important areas, set and
achieve goals and communicate our progress with all stakeholders.

ROL sustainability strategy covers 13 areas with social and environmental goals
and aims to drive and improve the efficiency of the ROL value chain.

Our most important sustainability area that we will devote most of our resources
to ensuring top performance and having a leading position is, efficient and sustainable
supply chain that explores new ways to optimize product components, reduce
production materials and streamline production and transportation methods; smart
solutions that influence sustainable behavior and enable more efficient management
of resources and a workplace with fair working conditions where our employees can
thrive and feel safe.

ROL Sustainability strategy expresses ROL priorities and runs until 2025.

ROL Sustainability report 2021

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