ROL Office Products

ROL designs, engineers and manufactures a wide range of height adjustable tables for workplaces, as well as customized solutions for large clients.

We offer a modular electronics package, including connectivity and a range of handset designs. Manufacturing and assembly sites are located in Europe and US for local and sustainable logistics solutions.

Certifications have been achieved for over 60 countries by our in-house specialists.

ROL Intelligent Office

ROL i/O is our single platform, smart office solution – addressing employee wellness, resource planning, space utilization and a host of other features developed in collaboration with clients and partners.

ROL i/O creates new possibilities for hybrid working solutions, as well as deep insights that support HR and management in offering a better working environment for all employees.

Contract Furniture Manufacture

ROL works with leading brands in US and Europe, developing and delivering a range of products, including high volume standardized designs, e-commerce ready solutions for home delivery and customized solutions for large project installations.

We offer local client support with logistics and packaging, backed by our globally distributed team of engineers and quality controllers.

Data and Insights, Wellness

Data and insights for data-driven decision making. Understand
changes over time, plan and budget to address needs in timely

Work in a more sustainable way, meeting corporate
environmental, social and governance goals.

Create opportunities for existing partners to work in new ways.
Support employees at work and at home, create a healthier