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ROL OEM partners with creative and technical departments to deliver products using combined materials and technology. An iterative approach ensures that concepts evolve to meet the needs of our clients, from prototypes and small series to product families and higher volume ranges.


Concepts evolve in the care of experienced technicians with a multi-view focus. This iterative approach allows for greater insights and a faster time to market.

Small Series

Prototypes often develop into small series and families of products that suit trial or bespoke situations. Our manufacturing platform and partner network supports these opportunities.

Value Engineering

Higher volume orders benefit from continuous improvement and investment in our specialist processes. Experienced account managers guide our clients through this process to deliver measurable results.

Our Process
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The best place to start is usually a meeting to discuss the drivers and deliverables for the project. Our extensive experience in this field enables us to define the project and plan the timeline.

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In accordance with the needs of our clients and their marketplaces, ROL invigorates concepts with innovation in the fields of sustainability, efficiency, cost reduction and ease of handling.


Continuous improvement can reduce costs, or increase functionality. Some products evolve to be part of a new family , others evolve to make space for something better.

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